Smart SLA Battery Charger
  Smart SLA / LiFePO4 battery charger
  OEM smart charger - Your idea, Our commitment
  Smart 1A Universal Battery Charger
Universal Charger
Portable Power Bank
  3-Cell Power Port
Power supply & adoptor
Home Automation
  Digital Timer (HT-600)
  Thermostat (HC-500) and FCU control Module (HM-340)
  Plug-in Outlet (HM-320U)
  Multi-way Wall Switch (HM-315U)
  LED Remote Switch (HR-801)
  Wall Switch (on/off) (HM-311U)
  Dimmable Wall Switch (HM-310U)
  Temperature Sensor (HS-900)
  Halfway Switch (HM-313U)
  Photo Sensor (HS-901)
  Booster Cable
  Solar Booster
  Smart solar controller and solar panel
  Wireless battery indicator
  Intelligent on-board marine battery chargers
  PCBA solution

  Smart 1A Universal Battery Charger
Introducing a new universal battery charger designed for your motorbike. With its compact size and high performance, it is featured to rejuvenate your motorbike battery in the fastest, easiest and most convenient way. Features: Use for charging 6V or 12V lead-acid batteries Automatic detection of battery voltage Universal input voltage with 1.0A output current With short circuit protection, overheat protection, overload protection, and reverse polarity protection Direct plug-in type without bulky power cord Specifications: Input voltage 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz Cut-off voltage 14.4V (12V mode) 7.2V (6V mode) Output current 1.0A @ 12.5VDC (12V mode) 1.0A @ 12.5VDC (6V mode) Trickle charge current 200mA Max. Battery type 6V and 12V lead acid battery 1.2Ah – 20Ah



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