Smart SLA Battery Charger
  Smart SLA / LiFePO4 battery charger
  OEM smart charger - Your idea, Our commitment
  Smart 1A Universal Battery Charger
Universal Charger
Portable Power Bank
  3-Cell Power Port
Power supply & adoptor
Home Automation
  Digital Timer (HT-600)
  Thermostat (HC-500) and FCU control Module (HM-340)
  Plug-in Outlet (HM-320U)
  Multi-way Wall Switch (HM-315U)
  LED Remote Switch (HR-801)
  Wall Switch (on/off) (HM-311U)
  Dimmable Wall Switch (HM-310U)
  Temperature Sensor (HS-900)
  Halfway Switch (HM-313U)
  Photo Sensor (HS-901)
  Booster Cable
  Solar Booster
  Smart solar controller and solar panel
  Wireless battery indicator
  Intelligent on-board marine battery chargers
  PCBA solution


Moody light Battery Charger

  • Charges up AA/AAA size Ni-MH/Ni-Cd rechargeable batteries
  • Charges either 4 x AA, 4 x AAA, 2 x AA or 2 x AAA at the same time
  • Press and release 4 pieces of AA/AAA batteries easily
  • Comes with external adaptor to enhance flexibility of usage in different countries
  • Acts as a moody light decorating at your home and office
  • When batteries are released, power will be cut for energy saving
  • Facilitates ventilation for best charging operation
  • Contains Delta-V and Timer Cut-off protection for switching from fast charge mode to tickle charge mode
  • Trickle charge mode proceeds to ensure batteries are "full" all the time
  • Contains LED charging indicator



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