Established in 1994, Techworld Industries Limited is a leader in the development, manufacturing and marketing of a wide range of battery chargers and power supplies.

Techworld enjoys a strong reputation for quality in the electronics and automobile industries, with over twenty years experience in the production and delivery of quality power-related products to global and local customers.

Techworld's 28,000sqm manufacturing plant is located in Dongguan in Southern China where we employ over 1,500 employees. Our engineering, design and research capabilities, supported by our in-house designed microprocessor controls, have broadened the scope of our product range.
Our plant facilitates CNC, FDM and plastic injection molding machines with production capacities up to 3 million units per month.

Besides internal facilities, to maintain our competitive strengths within the industry, Techworld works closely with local government organizations (such as Hong Kong Productivity Council) and educational institutions (such as City University of Hong Kong) for technology development, including product development, manufacturing technology, environmental technology, information technology and management systems

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